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After the successful launch of brand Marksman for tools, we quickly learnt that we need a brand for our kitchenware and houseware imports. We continue to strive to develop invaluable kitchen tools for beauty and efficiency with our own name Prima. It is a brand that has developed to meet the needs and wants of all homes to give the best quality in every product.

Signs and symbols are part of what a brand is, but to us this is a very fragmented definition. A brand is a promise. By identifying and authenticating a product or service it delivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality. Our brand is defined by the effort put into the development of our products, the service provided by our distributors, as well as, the strength and integrity of our corporate relationships. The Prima brand adds value to everything we do, from the quality of kitchenware products we sell, to the distributors who are in the field every day, to the vision of our company.

Prima Originals contains all of the specially crafted, unique items that Prima are well known for. Each Item is beautifully made to be both practical and decorative for every kitchen at the heart of the home. The superior quality cleaning and homeware range of products, made in far east with great quality control and supervision.

Prima’s logo is the insignia of our brand, comprising a vital element of who we are. A traditional black type-face with six multi-coloured rectangles give freshness and inclusiveness against a white background forms Prima’s clean and inviting logo. Its elegant simplicity highlights Prima’s
focus on creating kitchen solutions that simplify cooking for busy families. The brand gives us a modern feel, emphasising Prima’s over 30-year history and as a leader in cutting-edge innovation.

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