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Customers have a lot of choices in the automotive industry, but from car accessories to small auto parts, to traders and consumer satisfaction, Roadster is sourcing far better products from far east than the competition. Roadster a friendly, welcoming and helpful brand — one that people would readily turn to based on our knowledge and experience as much as our willingness to accommodate and partner together. Roadster intends to be the dominant supplier of auto parts in our market areas by offering our trade customers, wholesalers and professional installers the best combination of a wide range & quality of products with the highest possible service level.

Our identity and how we present ourselves is important. It affects how people think and feel about our organisation and about our products.

The new Roadster logo is a symbol that our company is growing and evolving. We have updated our logo and brand colour to show that Roadster is a brand open to change. It is important to communicate this message to our customers at every level of the industry, from wholesale to retail, internally within the Roadster family to strengthen company loyalty and encourage brand ambassadorship, and externally to make an emotional connection to consumers.