Established more than three decades ago, NT International has always evolved with the changing of time and trends which has led to offering more bespoke services to our esteemed customers. We currently offer the following services:

1. Distribution:
At NT International distribution is at the heart of our business and our raison d'être. Our purpose built 90,000 sq.ft fully integrated distribution centre at Perry Barr and 7 acres of space at West Bromwich, Birmingham provides us with the required strategic edge to provide continuity on stock lines and consistently disseminate orders to our esteemed customers within a short window of 24 - 48hrs.

2. Showroom:
We recently launched our new and improved showroom that showcases and offers our complete range at the first glance. It has the most meticulous flow of lines by their categories followed with their variants, no one can miss a line item while browsing through products or placing an order. Moreover, customers do get a proper product experience to visualize as to how the product would look in their stores and the displayed stocks are updated on a regular basis. Team NT is more than happy to welcome any of our esteemed customers or potential customers at our showroom for unparalleled customer experience.

3. Online (e-commerce):
We have recently revamped our website as a responsive site that automatically adapts to any given screen resolution enabling our customers to better navigate across all devices thereby providing instant information i.e available quantities, prices, offers and indicative delivery schedule. Safety and security is paramount for us wherein we have processes in place to ensure the confidentiality of customer data is never comprised. Our website is a fantastic tool for existing and prospective customers to place their orders even while on the go, pay for them and receive them at the earliest possible, thereby reducing your order turnaround time and ensuring consistent stock levels at all times.

4. Cash and Carry:
Our 90,000 sq.ft cash n carry is one of the largest across the UK carrying more than 20,000 lines aiding our customers to buy everything under one roof. We also boast of a secured car parking facility for more than 150 cars at any given point of time. Our dedicated floor staff are well-trained with the required product knowledge to answer any of your queries or extend any assistance.

PPE workwear is essential to allow your staff to work safely. NT PPE is one of the largest UK PPE supplies wholesalers and has a complete range of personal protective equipment for light and heavy industry. Whether you need PPE clothing, gloves, masks or catering wear, hearing or eye protection, NT PPE has your needs covered. We are one of the leading PPE suppliers to all kinds of businesses, known for offering quality branded PPE workwear at wholesale prices.

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